The Mello-Kings

Jerry Scholl Presents The Mello-Kings. The Mello-Kings have been classified as one of the best sounding groups of the late 50’s. They are most affectionately known for their multimillion selling single, “Tonite Tonite”.

“Tonite, Tonite” has been categorized as one of the top three Doo-Wop songs ever recorded, that also includes, “In the Still of the Night” and “Earth Angel”. Jerry Scholl, the originator of the group along with his brother Bob put together a sound that has endured for over 50 years. The Mello-Kings traveled and toured with all of the top acts of the day including the Dubs, The Teenagers, The Channels and a list of who’s who in the music business.

The Mello-Kings made numerous appearances on Dick Clark’s American Bandstand, Alan Freed’s rock and roll shows, several appearances at the Apollo theater and various television and radio shows.

Today, the originator of the group, Jerry Scholl is back with his Mello-Kings. The group performs at Casinos, Corporate events, Art Centers, Theaters and Festivals throughout the United States. Their song “Tonite Tonite will bring back some wonderful memories for you. You do not want to miss the Mello-Kings when they are in town

The Mello-Kings were a tremendous force in the Doo-Wop world, fondly remembered for the their multi million seller, “Tonite, Tonite.” They were an all-white vocal group from Mt. Vernon, a working class suburb of New York City, located in Westchester County just to the north of the Bronx..

By the fall of 1956, they were calling themselves the Mellotones, gaining attention in the local area and catching the ear of a black pianist named Dick Levister, who offered to become the group’s manager and accompany them during live performances. It was Levister who brought them to the attention of Al

Silver, one of the pioneering R&B label owners, had by this point already recorded and released numerous hit singles by acts on both Herald and Ember, including the Nutmegs (whose 1955 R&B smash hit “Story Untold” made it to number two in the nation), the Five Satins (whose “In the Still of the Night,” a smash in 1956, had been leased to Ember; they later scored a hit for the label with “To the Aisle,” a Top Ten R&B hit — number 25 pop — in the summer of 1957), and the Turbans (whose “When You Dance” was the group’s best charter for Herald”). Silver liked what he heard and the group — with their trademark white jackets (at Levister’s insistence, supposedly) — helped them forge an identity with the teenage public. For the Mellotones’ first release, Silver chose a tune called “Tonite, Tonite” (Herald number 502), written by Billy Myles (who also penned “All My Love You Were Made For” with Jackie Wilson). It was released during the summer of 1957 and became an immediate smash hit. Unfortunately, Silver discovered too late that there was already a record out that summer on George Goldner’s Gee label by a group called the Mello-Tones, (their “Rosie Lee” later climbed into the Top 24 on the pop charts). A quick name change was in order and using Levister’s nickname “King,” “Tonite, Tonite” (Herald number 502) was quickly re-released as by the Mello-Kings. The single was a huge seller and has become one of the top 3 Doowop recordings of all time. They made more than one TV appearance with Dick Clark on American Bandstand

Late in 1957, the Mello-Kings recorded their next single, “The Chapel on the Hill,” Their next single, ” “Valerie,” became a regional hit in the New York area on its way to becoming a classic example of doo wop. At the height of their popularity, they were added to “package” tours, where they performed alongside acts like the Channels, The Dells, The Teenagers, The Flamingos, The Spaniels, The Five Satins and many other top acts. The success of “Tonite, Tonite” and “Valerie” earned them a slot on Herald’s first compilation of hits, a full-length LP entitled Herald the Beat.

The Mello-Kings made an appearance during one of Richard Nader’s very first revival shows in 1969; they can be heard reprising “Tonite, Tonite” on the Kama Sutra release of the live recording.

Today, Jerry Scholl and The Mello-Kings perform a show that will have you dancing in the aisles and will bring back wonderful memories for you.

The Mello-Kings perform the top songs of the 50’s and early 60’s along with their hit records. You do not want to miss this nostalgic show when they are in town.

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